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Struggling with money and charging?

From Freud’s obsession with his poorhouse neurosis to the modern ‘heart-centred business’ obsession with 6 figure incomes, therapists’ relationship with money has been fraught with taboos, guilt and anxiety. Money has been described as “a screen onto which almost any psychological issue can be projected and a magnet which attracts all sorts of emotional concerns”.

Decisions about money, and avoidance of them, raise emotions, revealed in evidence that arguments about money are the top predictor of relationship break-up (Britt 2012). Hence, I believe that a therapist’s ability to attend to financial exchange with clarity and confidence is an opportunity for creating and modelling good communication patterns. It can be significant in building a safe and healing therapeutic relationship.

Opportunities to work with me on Money:

WORKSHOP – Your Relationship With Money and Work

Cathy’s exploration into relationship with money and work grew out of not just her own experiences, but on exploring how our relationship with marketing is so difficult when the work we offer is so personal. 

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WEBINAR PROGRAMME – Coming Soon – please register your interest

For those who cannot get to a workshop, or have done one and would like to explore further. This will involve webinars, a supported private Facebook group, and one-to-one calls or Skype sessions.



If you are able to secure a group of colleagues for a workshop and help with practicalities like finding a venue – you get a free place. Uk only. Minimum numbers apply – from 8 including yourself (and depend on distance).  

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If you would like to be able to have Skype call supervision for a specific concern that comes up in your practice, it is necessary to pre-register with terms and conditions in advance. You may never call on me, but the option will be there if needed. 

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Cathy Towers CPD for Therapists

Cathy Towers – Principal Trainer

Traditional business marketing methods can involve strategies that do not sit comfortably with the ethical demands and spiritual leanings of the average therapist.  Nor the way we have been trained.

In the past I have been frustrated with business advisors pushing me to do things I questioned, and so I chose to explore and experiment with several areas of business marketing. Applying them to my standards and using transferable skills and knowledge has been my challenge.

“If you are looking for a “six-figure income” as promised by many business coaches, then I am not your woman. If you are seeking the skills and confidence to become professionally visible in a way that feels clean, ethical and authentic, then I’m worth a conversation.  My principles are not compromised and I can still pay the mortgage!”

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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For networking help

"Thank you Cathy. I find it daunting going along to networking groups and my heart thumps when it gets to my turn. Each time is getting easier though and your supportive presence here is very encouraging so thank you."

SH Devon 15th September 2015

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