This was one of the “Two Minute Talks” held at the Yeovil BACP networking event, November 2012 to 120 participants. It is an invitation to supportive networking on building your practice – online via Linked In. Read below or watch video link – excuse the wobbly beginning – it was done on a mobile phone 🙂

Successful Private Practice SW UK

I am passionate about helping therapists build sustainable private practice in a way which suits our profession and our ethics. Although I do workshops on this topic, it isn;t just about making money. The project I am presenting today is a completely FREE online discussion group called Successful Private Practice SW UK which already has over one hundred members. This is hosted on the professional social networking site Linked In. It is open to counsellors, psychotherapists and complementary health practitioners, and students in these fields. The discussion group also has a small number of invited experts in the field of marketing, PR, web design, etc. These are not just people promoting themselves, but people I have grown to know and trust over my years of business networking. I have chosen them because they understand that hard sell is not appropriate for therapists, and are more in the realm of technical advisors. Any therapist in the group can post a question about a practice-building issue, and anyone can answer it. There are two intentions:

1) that we all grow in our professionalism and business skills.

2) And that we also grow an attitude of abundance and generosity instead of fear and competitiveness. I believe that if we develop confidence in our own unique selling points, then we are no longer in competition with anyone, as we are actually in a ‘category of one’ rather than in a huge pool of generic counsellors.”

Examples of topics addressed on our Linked In discussion group so far:
  • Use of testimonials
  • optimising website
  • advertising in GP surgeries
  • used for feedback on updated website
  • ideas on improving uptake of participants in groups
If you love what you do but don’t love promoting it, you may find this is a great place to start!

Linked In for Therapists

If you want to join – simply go to ‘Linked In‘ and sign up. It is almost like an on-line CV and you can put as much or as little as you like, and come back to update your profile at your leisure. Then search for groups and, in particular, Successful Private Practice SW UK.  Ask to join and that’s it! You will then be part of the group and able to read the conversations, and when you feel ready, to join in. © Cathy Towers 2012