There was a little commendation at work today from a business network when their group of charities together chose my clinic to receive a certificate and bottle of champagne for our fund-raising efforts. It was a complete surprise and I had to stand up (embarrassedly) and take bow!

This reminds me that the hard work to be visible and involved in our community is not missed by people – and in such a lovely way. People were so kind in their acknowledgement of us.

I had worked hard to put on a pamper evening with some stall holders, some therapists, great background live music and a programme of little talks like Creative Meditation and Transformational Breathing: it was rather good, even if I say so myself!

Business Networking

I have been a regular business networker and made a lot of good links and so the women who bought the tickets from me already knew about the clinic (or were brought by someone who did). This was the next step of getting them to know, like and trust us enough to use our services – to see us in action and try a little ‘taster’. Even the counsellors were involved by doing what counsellors do best by welcoming attendees, guiding where necessary and helping people settle in.

So we raised £500 for a local charity and most us got one or more clients from the evening to boot! It was a better result, client-wise, than I have known from other ‘taster’ events I have been to, and I put this down to having spent prior time building good relationships with people through formal and informal networks.

What appreciation/acknowledgement have you had recently which has warmed your heart and put a smile on your face as this has for me? It would be great to share!