Collaboration for therapists

It is hard enough promoting yourself as a therapist … then you see all the other therapists.  Traditional marketing can make us look at all others as competition, but I think that causes huge stress for therapists who are, by the nature of the healing work they do, more inclined to creating relationships than competing. […]

The Meaning of Money

Filthy Lucre - A therapists relationship with money

Why might money be an appropriate topic for a magazine about personal development and natural health? I believe it is highly significant in healing and growth for the reason stated here: “I am not interested in money, but the things of which money is the symbol” Henry Ford Take a moment to consider what the […]

On Being Appreciated

Cathy Towers Public Speaking

There was a little commendation at work today from a business network when their group of charities together chose my clinic to receive a certificate and bottle of champagne for our fund-raising efforts. It was a complete surprise and I had to stand up (embarrassedly) and take bow! This reminds me that the hard work […]

Social Media for Therapists?

CPD for Therapists: Social Media for Therapists

In the 21st century almost every business has, or is considering establishing, a social media presence. Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Google+, Pinterest – all useful tools and each offering a different way to connect with potential clients and referrers. It can be a great way to enhance your professional presence online and helps increase the findability […]

Logged On, Linked In and ready to go!

LinkedIn CPD for Therapists

So what is Linked In? I went to a seminar recently with James Potter who calls himself ‘The Linked In Man’ as that is his work (alongside entertaining public speaking)!  James differentiated between social media as “buy my stuff” and networking as “meeting people”.  LI, he says, is a little different – he calls it […]

How to Get into Print

Cathy Towers Devon Life Magazine

I have been asked on a Linked In discussion post (on the group Successful Private Practice SW UK) how I managed to get a double page spread in the glossy Devon Life mag.  Click here to read the article… Getting in print has been a long process – I hated that anyone would read my […]

BACP Networking

This was one of the “Two Minute Talks” held at the Yeovil BACP networking event, November 2012 to 120 participants. It is an invitation to supportive networking on building your practice – online via Linked In. Read below or watch video link – excuse the wobbly beginning – it was done on a mobile phone […]

Ever wondered about those invitations to join Linked In?

This article was written for the WestCountry Assocation for Counselling (WAC) journal.  Published in 2012 Linked In is a free professional online network where you can ask for help from other members and get some very useful responses.  Below is a recent one which seems very important to share with WAC: One Linked In member […]