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Money and Work

"I felt massively challenged but the support and feedback made it so worth my while. It was so interesting that everyone’s perspective on ‘filthy lucre’ was different; their journeys and situations so diverse; that confronted with our own issues we feel anxious and confused but faced with another’s we are able to step up. That’s what makes it so important to share, I guess. I gained a wealth of useful insight and came away feeling genuinely enriched."

JS Devon 23rd February 2017

Coaching on Public Speaking

"Today I competed on a new level in my public speaking and came 2nd to a world finalist. Not bad going for my first run in the competition. Thanks so much to...  Cathy Towers for coaching me and all at South West Speakers"

EA Sales, Devon 23rd February 2017

For networking help

"Thank you Cathy. I find it daunting going along to networking groups and my heart thumps when it gets to my turn. Each time is getting easier though and your supportive presence here is very encouraging so thank you."

SH Devon 15th September 2015

Money and Work

"I found the workshop very thought-provoking and useful. As a resultI am mananging my time better and also tightened up my agreement with existing clients and new clients.  Until the workshop I had not realised how fuzzy it had all become!"

S from Oxford Counsellor of 20+ years 23rd February 2017

For Cathy’s Publications

"I've just read, and was deeply moved by, your piece in DP: 'To Be.....or not to Be.'  Thank you for writing such a personal account of your ZB journey."


AC Devon 15th September 2015

For ‘Unsocial Media?’ Workshop

“I found Cathy a fun, patient and focused teacher. She was able to quickly take into consideration my own learning style, which meant we were very productive in a short space of time. Her knowledge and expertise made the whole experience really enjoyable. Thanks Cathy.”

RC Life Coach, Devon Devon 15th September 2015

Coaching on Public Speaking

"Today was really awesome ! I've come home and drawn a line under things that were bothering me and I'm going to move forward and keep being me! :-)"

AW Performer, Devon 23rd February 2017



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