Useful Videos

Welcome to CPD for Therapist’s useful videos! Tips and advice on networking, promoting and marketing your business, and also a sneak peak at how Cathy has developed as a speaker with time! If you find these videos useful, and would like to have a go yourself, you will enjoy our Business Mastermind Group!

How to Introduce Yourself at Events – with Cathy 

Usually a network event allows one minute to say who you are – however as a useful exercise we tightened it up to really get the essence with this large group! 

Listen to Cathy’s great tips on keeping it short, snappy, and memorable!


Delivering a Talk – with Cathy 

This is Cathy giving a ‘Two-Minute-Talk’ at the BACP Conference 2012. Cathy wanted to share information about her LinkedIn discussion group with the room.

Although Cathy was confident in small groups, she wasn’t used to addressing a large room of people! Notice her nervousness – particularly at the beginning!

Delivering a Talk, After Some Experience! – with Cathy 

This is Cathy giving a ‘Two-Minute-Talk’ at the BACP Conference 2014.

After two years practicing public speaking she is much more at ease.
Notice that her confidence has built in talking publicly – no notes, she made them laugh, and seemed much less nervous !


“Giving it a go builds confidence”

…with Jacqueline Kareh.

Jacqueline is a Therapist, and speaks in this video about pushing herself out of her comfort zone and speaking publicly. In the end, it’s all about giving it a go, until you are confident!